Hi there!

My name is Joe Slote, and I'm a little hard to place. Something like a mathematician-scientist-engineer-designer.

I hold an MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science (MFOCS) from the University of Oxford and a Bachelors in Mathematics from Carleton College.

I am the Director of Science and Technology at Dascena, Inc., a digital health company in the Bay Area. We use machine learning to provide early warnings for elusive diseases like sepsis in hospital patients. Since my joining in October '17, I have refined our machine learning algorithms' loss functions, re-architected our product from the ground up, and doubled our data collection performance.

In general I try to direct my time and energy towards improving the health of people and the world. I find effective altruism and humane technology particularly compelling expressions of this goal.

As a researcher I am primarily interested in supporting foundational developments in science and technology—developments which have the potential to elevate human experience and empower those engineers and designers who help to shape that experience. If I were alive in a previous era I would be working on computability and complexity, (classical) information theory, or quantum mechanics. But I am alive in this era, where my attention is captured by statistical learning theory, quantum computing, and the mathematics that support them.

I write software and make art in my free time. Past projects have included a clearinghouse for face-to-face textbook trades and a whole host of sculpture.